Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Black and White Harlequin Art Niche

This art niche is in a kitchen, so it was fun to get a little playful.  The home owner had her mind set on black and white harlequin.  I wanted to age the process a little bit so it didn't look novelty.  I applied a crackle texture, then a watered down beige glaze.  Next, I stencilled on the diamond patter with black, but using a dry brush technique.  The results are below:

Lovely indeed.  I love the candle/chandelier hanging in the niche!

Use your imagination, and color those are niches!  It makes a BIG difference!

Have a great day...can you believe it is the last day of January?  We have already gone through a month in 2012.  Time flies...so absorb each day!

Nee' Nee'

Monday, January 30, 2012

Red Dining Room

First of all, let me start by saying, I LOVE ME A RED DINING ROOM!!  This dining room just neeeded a little sprucing up, so I turned to my good old standby...RED!  She is always there for me and never lets me down!  I wanted a little texture to dress it up, so I first did some raised stencilling with a very large damask stencil. 

Here is the before picture:

After the raised stencil was applied...the entire wall was painted.  Then, I went back with two different shades of metallic and stippled it on with a brush to give the raised portion some character.

The overall picture came out really good.  It almost looks like wallpaper from a distance.

This is a very versatile and luxurious look.

I hope you have a great Monday!
Nee' Nee'

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

PHENOMINAL Vingage Baby's Room

This is a dream room for a little princess!  A mom to be called me at the end of October with a very special vision of a vintage nursery.  She knew she was having a girl...her third one!  That being said, her husband was tired of pink walls!  She was very open to any color, but together we decided a neutral color for the walls would give us the look we wanted.  Here is a picture of the room during phase one of the project.

These are the "after" photos:

 The walls were first textured with a crackle effect.  After that, a raised stencil was applied.  The walls were washed with a metallic glaze, and then a glitter glaze.  The raised portion of the stencil was painted with a metallic pearl.  To finish it off (because you know I can't stop) tiny pearls were applied...and let me tell you...IT IS GORGEOUS! You can't tell in the pictures...but the whole room just glows!

Stencils were "sprinkled" around the room randomly, but in a manner in which they would frame furniture pieces and window treatments.

This changing table was also refinished...but I'll talk about that another day.  Let me get back to this princess room that I just cannot stop looking at!!

Isn't that the cutest little cabinet with wings?  She got this at Round Top...can you believe I have never been?  The precious dress is an heirloom that her two previous daughters have worn.  What a SWEET room!  I can feel the love just looking at it!

The ceiling was painted in a warm pearl, with raised stencilling framing the chandelier.  She got the chandelier, rug, and curtains from Restoration Hardware.  They have a GREAT new location in Highland Village.  If you can get your hands on a catalog...you will wear the pages out!

See what I mean about the "glow"?  My heart is beating fast just looking at it! (I have to stop to do a back flip I am so happy!)

This is her precious pre-schooler demonstrating the benefits of a rocking lamb.  She was quite the helper during this project.  I had so much fun doing this...they made me feel like a part of the family.  By the time it was all said and done, this little one was calling me Nee' Nee'!  (my heart is FULL)

I hope you enjoyed looking at this as much as I enjoyed doing it. 
Stay tuned...I have more projects to share that are in the works!

Have a wonderful day!
Nee' Nee'

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little Organization

Now, when I say a little...I mean very little.  I am not the organizer in the family, my sister, Rhonda is.  However, I am pretty proud of myself for coming up with this little number!  I took decorative hooks and placed them on my wall to hang necklaces and bracelets.

The upper hangers are actually two separate hooks that I nailed up side by side to hang my necklaces.  I hung two smaller one's several inches below for bracelets.  There is a three tiered basket for my fragrance collection...small at the top, medium bottles in the middle and large bottles at the bottom.  I got these glass containers at Target and I have my make up organized in them by lips, eyes and cheeks!

This is actually a wrought iron shower organizer I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I use the top sections for bottles, hairspray..etc.  I hang my blow dryer and brush on the bottom rungs. 

I have an over sized wine glass for earrings and a crystal bowl with acrylic stones in the bottom to hold make up brushes. 

The photography isn't that great in these pics...but I just took them spur of the moment because it is the beginning of the year when folks tend to want to get organized.  Thought it would be a good one to share!  Some days this looks better, some days it looks worse, but it helps me to keep things in order all year long!

Have a wonderful week!
Nee' Nee'

Friday, January 20, 2012

Monogrammed Charger Plates

This is listed as a holiday project, but Honey...I would put these out any day of the year.  Looks like a fun beginner project.  I just ran across this on the Michael's website and wanted to share.  If anyone takes this project on...let me know!

Monogrammed Charger Plates

Happy Friday...thank you very muchness!
Nee' Nee'

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waxing Poetic

My new obsession is a jewelery line called Waxing Poetic.  The company features hand made silver and mixed metal charms that you mix and match to form your own unique piece.  They have inspirational sayings and it is just so fun to find and collect charms that mean something to you.

I have a sterling silver charm bracelet that my mom gave me for Christmas, and a brass one that I bought to wear with it.  I have a couple of charms that are fastened on with a jump ring that they sell for this purpose.

It was kind of hard to take this picture of my own arm...so check out their website at:

This page will take you to a snapshot of a variety of items they offer.  Seriously...if you can..go see some in person.  They carry them at B.Ellen on 290 and Skinner Rd.  I LOVE THIS STUFF.

I got a little creative and veered outside of the Waxing Poetic line and combined some pieces from Virgins, Saints and Angels.  I can't find a website for this inspirational jewelry, but I see they do carry it at Nordstrom's now.  I got a St. Christopher charm (well, you know I like things big, so I got a key chain and turned it into a charm!)  and a swarovski crystal cross.   I put them both on the chain. You don't really use a spacer, you just stack them and let them fall where they may.  They make me so happy!

Take a look...see what inspires you! 
Joy, happiness and love to you today!

Nee' Nee'

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Cutest Boots...EVER!!!

While I was at my sister's ranch, I did manage to fit in a little bit of shopping.  I went to a place called Trendy Chicks in Carmine, Texas.  They had the CUTEST BOOTS EVER...I am NOT KIDDING!  They were screaming my name.  If you go to Round Top in the Spring...stop in.  They are located in a big hot pink and zebra warehouse right past the little town of Carmine on 290. 

I couldn't wait to wear them...so I let the cows have the first peak!

They are made by a designer named Kurt Men out of Dallas.  The girl at Trendy Chicks said they designed them custom with the help of the boot maker.  All I know, is that I LOVE THEM.  They are quite a show stopper...wherever I go...people ask me about them.  As I always say...if a little is good, a lot will be better!

Have a great day!
Nee' Nee'

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

I rang in the New Year at my sister, Robin's, ranch in Ledbetter, Texas.  My husband, Frank, and I went out there and just enjoyed life for a while.  Part of a creative happy life is balance, and taking time to enjoy your surroundings.  Getting back to nature, can be a really good way to charge your batteries.  I took my little white dog, Sookie...and we acclimated very well to the country lifestyle! 

Frank became quite the "ranch hand" while we were there! There is a hat that sits on the hearth for decorative purposes, but my husband adopted it as his own during out little getaway!  He is good that way!

Sookie had never been to the country.  She was car sick for the entire hour and twenty minutes it took to get there, but after she arrived....I think she enjoyed herself!  What do you think?  Does she look happy?

Beautiful views!  God's country for sure!

Sookie also helped with the chores!  She rode around right in the middle of us in the mule when we went to do anything!

Hello there big fella!

It didn't take long before Sookie became a country dog!

More peace, love and country living!

Feeding the cows was such a fun experience.  It took me back to when I was a kid and used to do this with my dad.  How about my cute hubby...you would never guess he came from Boston would you?

I hope 2012 brings you some time to stop and smell the roses occasionally. Reconnecting is so important to stay inspired and motivated.

Love to all, and thanks to Robert and Robin for letting us play cowboy!
Nee' Nee'

Monday, January 16, 2012

Turquoise Finished Chair with Gator Texture

My sister, Rhonda, and I were browsing garage sales one Saturday in the summer, and it was very late.  So late, that they were all closing, and then we spotted this little left over in some one's front yard.  Well...I couldn't pass this little jewel up!  It looks pretty rough here...but I saw it's potential!

The chair was very sturdy, but was just in a severe need of some paint.  I am a big fan of the rustic look, and I wanted to experiment with turquoise.  Well...the price was right...so I started the transition.  The chair had been upholstered layer upon layer, so I removed as many layers of the material that I could.

Next, I glued acrylic stones in areas that I felt would add depth and texture, and layered the base coat with a metallic gold.

I actually decided to just paint over the material with a primer and paint it with a texture by Proceed called Smooth Absorbent Texture.  I did this in an alligator texture.  This process has been featured on my blog before...as I am very fond of this look!

Several layers of paint and texture later....here she sits in all her glory!

I used the rusting technique on the raised acrylic stones to bring more of a rustic finish and make them look like nail heads.  I love taking trash and making it into a treasure!
I hope this inspires you!

Nee' Nee'

Saturday, January 14, 2012

IPad 2

I am so excited! I just got an IPad for my birthday...so I can blog better! LOOK OUT WORLD. I am now a high tech redneck!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Painted Wine Glasses

A couple of years ago, I started painting  a new wine glass for each of my nieces and step-daughter, for special ocassions.  I picked a Libby glass from Bed Bath & Beyond so I would have the same glass size and shape year after year and in a few years they would have a nice litte collection of glasses! 

As you can see, I have used other shapes and sizes of glasses, and I have added crackle techniques, and texture.  As always, you can make it your own, but this is the basic run down.  You start with a clean glass.  To prep the glass, I wipe over it with alcohol.  This removes any oils that may have gotten on the glass from your hands.  There are two types of glass paint that I use.  One is by Folk Art and the other is by Delta.  The Folk Art paint can either be cured quickly in the oven, or will cure over time by air drying.  The Delta Perm-Enamel does not need to be baked.  I intermix the two paints quite a bit.  Delta has a top coat that evens out imperfections and gives the paint a smooth glossy finish, I use this on every glass I do. 

This is simply another one of those things where your imagination is the limit.  I have glued things onto my glasses with 2 part epoxy, and have had a great deal of success.  These are hand wash only, and won't stand up to too much abuse...but they are worth the delicate treatment. 

This is the 2011 collection!!  Cheers!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Aged Door

I came home one day to my proud husband.  He was proud because he had upgraded our doors to energy efficient, double glass, insulated, etcetera, etcetera...doors.  Well, he was so excited, I couldn't tell him how ugly they were!  So....I went to work.  I slapped on...(and I mean slapped...as in slap your daddy) some texture and paint.  I put a little raised stencil at the bottom...and voila...a 100 year old door in just 3 days!

In process:

Finished product:

Goal for 2012...to have every square inch of my house faux painted!  That actually wouldn't leave me with much to do!

Have a great day!
Nee' Nee'

Donna Decorates Dallas

Happy New Year!

I am energized and ready to go!

My sister, Robin, just told me about a GREAT show for decorating inspiration.  It is on HGTV and it is called Donna Decorates Dallas.  I love her fabrics, ideas and faux painting!!  Tune in...I am recording every episode!!!

More to come...XOXXO
Nee' Nee'