Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Professional Decorative Painters Association

I took a blog hiatus, I was in Golden, Colorado getting in touch with my inner artist! This was a wonderful event.  Breakfast began with a bongo player and viola player creating beautiful music while we dined.  Then we would enjoy live performances pertaining to art history, along a running creek.  The remainder of our days were spent learning new techniques from artists around the world.   I have some pictures below, but they cannot express the peace and inspiration gained from this event.  What a unique group of people, and I have David Lusk to thank for getting me there.  Thanks, David!

Breakfast music!

The Clear Creek awesome!

Artwork of Steve Shriver from Los Angeles.

Gilded Gold Art

The Wood Grain Techniques of Pierre Finkelstein

Wall art in process

I came back refreshed and inspired.  I will have to share some other items I brought back with me such as my singing bowl.  I am SO at peace!!!

Have a great day!
Nee' Nee'


  1. I am so happy your back!!! I am so glad I learned how to comment on your blog...Meagan filled me in.
    Cara :)

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