Monday, November 21, 2011

Some Words for My Niece on Her Wedding Day

Upon reading this blog title, one might think this is a sappy, emotional speach. haven't MET ME!!! I specialize in what I call "Redneck Poetry", and I was asked to say a few words at my niece's wedding. Here is what came off of the page!! I hope you have a good chuckle...I have missed y'all!!!

There was a girl, there was a boy
By the time he was born, she had outgrown her toys

They both worked for Miller well, Miller and Coors
Who knew that place could open such doors!

All day long as he hauled kegs
He had visions of Ashlee’s 6 foot legs

He seemed kind of young, but she gave it a shot
He said he was 25, but he was not!

At 21 he was such a great guy
He told a little white lie to date Ashlee pie!

It all played out like a country and western song
We knew a proposal wouldn’t take long

Now the men are dressed up in suits , ties and tux
We have the bride and the bridesmaids and bridesmaid deluxe

I thank his parents for raising a boy
That would one day grow up to bring Ashlee such joy

I am so glad their paths crossed and this knew love was found
Now we have two that are legally bound!

This is the story of how it began
And now the cycle starts over again

It’s time to dance to celebrate
I’m glad he lied on that first date!

Now they’ll spend their lives huggin and kissin
Cause he is hers and she is hisn!

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