Wednesday, July 27, 2011

50 Years of Wedded Bliss

In September, my parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Not many folks can say that these days! 

I am feeling sentimental as I get ready to start celebrations for my first born niece, Ashlee's upcoming nuptials.  Since I don't have any children of my own, I am very close to my sisters' children.  Being an Aunt is really a gravy job.  I can do all of the fun stuff with them, and then send them home.  I once taught Ashlee all of the words to the song that starts out "I Like Big Butts."  Her mother (my sister Rhonda) was really pleased when she picked her up.  She said most kids learn songs like "Jesus Loves Me," from their Auntie!!  (I guess I missed that in the Aunt rule book!)  I think I taught her all of the moves to an MC Hammer dance on that same visit....she was 5.  (No need to thank me, Rhonda)  One of my favorite lines was, "If I were your mother I would buy that for you."  That one back fired on me when Rhonda figured out the retort, "Well that's okay, you are their Aunt, Nee' Nee', so you can buy it for them."  (I guess she showed me!) 

When Ashlee told me she was engaged, Rhonda (her mother) came and got me and we rushed right over to see her ring and celebrate.  Immediately upon starting plans for the wedding, I wanted to be in on it all!  At all of the bridal shows we were frequenting, I just decided it would be easier to start introducing myself as mother of the bride.  (My sister doesn't seem to mind, but I am going to be careful, because I am seriously NOT footing the bill for this one!)  I tease Ashlee and tell her that my "mother-of-the-bride" dress is a pink version of her wedding dress.  Ash, if you are will just have to wait 'till October to see! 

So, my wish today is that my niece and new son-in-law (notice how I slipped that in?), will have all of the joy that my parents have had. 

I was once with my mom and dad at the Astrodome (remember that place?).  It must have been a rodeo.  My father had gone to the men's room.  When he passed under the tunnel, he looked up at us and my mom waved at him like she was still a school girl.  Another time I was riding in the car with my mom and we passed my daddy on the road.  She honked and waved, as if she hadn't seen him in....8 hours!  I pray that Chris and Ashlee are blessed with the ability to cling together and respect one another as my parents have done all of these years.  They are a fine example of what a marriage should be.

I will leave you with some pictures of our family celebration for my parent's 50th.  We went to our favorite restaurant in Houston, Vic & Anthony's, and surprised them with a serenade of inspirational songs by the Salvation Army Harbor Light Choir.  For a donation, the choir can be booked for events.  I have them at my Christmas party each year.  Fred Smith is a fabulous man, and is doing a great job over there!!! 

Daddy, Mama and Me! (blocking with my Texas big hair!)


The Fabulous Salvation Army Harbor Light Choir!

The Fabulous Salvation Army Harbor Light Choir (and me!)

The family looking on as my parents are surprised.

Left to right:  My husband Frank;  Middle Sister Robin;  J.T. - Meagan's boyfriend;  Meagan - my niece and Robin's daughter (also my partner in crime for pulling off the surprise!);  Niece Ashlee;  Her Mother - My Oldest Sister - Rhonda
Clear as mud???

By the end of it all, my sisters and I were gathered around singing in a circle with the choir, locked arm in arm with my parents.  What I didn't know, is that all of our husband's were looking on with tears streaming down their faces!


Go hug someone...doesn't it just look like fun?

Nee' Nee'


  1. Why do you have to go and make me cry =). Née Née, you are the best!

    Love ya - Ashlee

  2. It's just another one of those things you can thank me for! Ha're welcome!
    Love you! Nee' Nee'