Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Choosing a Paint Color

About 20 years ago when I first started painting walls, I decided to paint my walls taupe.  WELL - I took myself to Home Depot, picked out what I thought was a lovely color, and bought 4 gallons.  When I got home, put it on the walls, it looked lavender.  SO...I went back to Home Depot, picked another lovely color, and bought one gallon.  I took it home, put it on the wall, and it was mauve.  The next time, I went to Home Depot, picked up some paint chips, and came home and taped them to my wall.  I was finally able to pick out a taupe color that looked good on my now pink and purple walls!  The moral of the story is, never try to pick out paint without "trying it on" first.  I take home paint chips, tape them to the wall, and leave them for a day or two, so I can see how they look in the morning sun, and evening light.  I also put them in different areas of the room, where the lighting reflects differently.  The lighting is key.  Under the fluorescent lighting at Home Depot, my samples looked lovely, but when I got them home and my dark wood floors reflected the sunlight onto the wall, it was a disaster.  So, be careful when choosing your paint color, and be patient.  It could save you a lot of money.

I try to use Benjamin Moore Paint when I can, I love the consistency, it goes on like butter!  They have a neat little tool online to help you get started, but again, take chips home!!

Some of my favorite colors, that seem to look good in any home are listed below:

Tea - it is the equivalent of Rusty Gate in Ralph Lauren that was discontinued.  It is the best red ever!  Not to pink, I have never seen this color look bad in any home.

Tyler Taupe -  I have it in my hallway - a great neutral color for any room in the house.

Rattan - another good neutral earth tone

Mink - deep chocolate brown. YUMMY.  Also if you want the equivalent of this color but in a metallic, use English Brown by Modern Masters patient when picking your colors!  Do you have a color that goes almost anywhere?  Please share it with me....I need to expand my list!

Have a great day!
Nee' Nee'

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