Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nacho Trays

Okay, this may just be my favorite thing EVER!  I was at Sam's Wholesale yesterday and spotted some nacho trays.  They were about $5.00 for a hundred and seventy-five trays.  I am often in need of something to put paint in, and I want it to be disposable.  I also usually need a little water to mix in with my paint for blending and such.  This tray has a small compartment (meant for cheese) that I can put just enough water in (gotta stay hydrated!) and to pour paint into the larger compartment.  My nieces,  Preslee and Maycee were over crafting (getting ready for the big wedding shower this weekend!) and I showed them my new found favorite painting tool (uhm, slash nacho tray).  They thought of several other uses for them, such as carrots, with ranch dip.  Also, edamame beans, and a compartment for the shells! ha ha. Strawberries and powdered sugar.  So, as you can see, these are a staple in any home!

I hope you have a wonderful day!  It's almost Friday!
Nee' Nee'


  1. Oh how cute!!!! I knew I was going to miss a great one. I'm ready for the cake tutorials. This would be a great way to display my toppers. Think we could do cupcakes too?

  2. Sharon, you could absolutely do cupcakes. You would just need to find a small box for a base. Stay tuned, it is SUPER EASY and fun! I am so sorry you had to miss. I hope you are doing okay, I am sorry for your loss. Luvyameanit! Nee'Nee'