Monday, August 1, 2011

Cake Balls

This is my beautiful niece Meagan.  Not only is she adorable, she is smart!  She recently graduated from Texas A&M University, Magna Cum-Laude!  AMAZING!  She is also the inspiration and driving force behind my blog!

While my sister, Robin, and I were decorating for our bridal shower, Meagan thought we could use some refreshments.  She made us cake balls.  She took a red velvet cake mix and baked it according to directions.  After it was baked and cooled, she crumbled it up, and mixed in one can of red velvet icing.  She then rolled them into balls.  They sort of looked like meat balls!!!  hee hee

Next, she melted Baker's chocolate in the microwave according to the directions, and dipped the cake balls in it.  After they hardened, they were ready.  It's that simple!  The result was a beautiful sweet treat! 

They are rich, so have some milk on hand!  Any quick delicious recipes up your sleeve?  Please share!

Have a great Monday!  Shower pictures to come!


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