Monday, August 22, 2011

Christmas Decorating

Don't laugh, it will be here before you know it!  I read something once about decorating for the holidays.  It said that if you don't have time for anything else, do your mantle and entry door.  I think that is really good advice.  Of course, it is advice that I am unable to follow, because you know, I think if a little is good....a lot will be better!  It was just a reminder to me, not to leave these things out!  My decorating tip for Christmas is LOTS OF RIBBON and lots of BALLS....not necessarily in that order!  Seriously, all you need are ornaments or balls, and ribbon.  We already covered how to tie bows...that alone puts you 50% ahead of the game.  I like everything over sized, so I go buy big balls at Sam's Wholesale.  I hang them from EVERYTHING I can, and I tie a ribbon or bow on EVERYTHING I can.  That is how I decorate for parties too.  Just pick your colors and go for it.  Some years I do red and gold, or red and green, but I always do it up with lots of ribbon.  Each year you can change it up a bit by adding or subtracting some ribbons and change up the color or mood a bit.  I buy my ribbon at Sam's or Costco, but if you have a Tax ID Number, you can go to Kraftex in Bellaire.  Arnie's is another GREAT place for ribbon, and you aren't limited to just getting is seasonally.  You will also need floral wire...that is what I attach my ribbon and ornaments with. 

Below are some pictures of my decorations to get you in the spirit.  As you can see, nothing is off limits, including the chandelier and my husband's deer mount!

Merry Christmas in August...I could use just a little of that winter air about now!  How about you?  Christmas is my mother's favorite time of year because of the magic and joy.  I encourage you to spread a little Christmas magic today!

"Why can't every day be like Christmas?  Why can't this feeling go on endlessly?" 
                                                                         as sung by Elvis "The King" Presley

Nee' Nee'

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