Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Rust Anything!

With all of the shabby chic looks that are in today, it is a must to know how to rust! Modern Masters has products that will help you do this.  I took a cross that I purchased at the dollar store (luv me some dollar store!)  and transformed it into a shabby chic work of art!

This is the cross before:

It actually looked pretty before, but my sister, Robin, is trying to add some turquoise accents to her ranch house so we wanted it to be rustic.  Now crafting is always a family affair with us.  We had Meagan's boyfriend, J.T., base coat the cross in a color called Provence by Annie Sloan.  I wanted to darken the color and add a little character (can't leave ANYTHING alone!) so I antiqued it with a Minwax water based product I got at Home Depot.

I watered it down some, and then I just slapped it on and wiped it off! The product does the work by settling in the grooves. 

It already looks good, but remember, we are going for RUST!  Modern Masters makes products that will allow you to rust just about anything.  It is a two part process.  You just paint a base coat of Iron Oxide, and spray with Rust Activator.  THAT IS IT!

Since I wanted rust only in certain places on my cross, I just turned my brush side ways, and brushed lightly over it, only hitting the high spots.

After that dried, I misted the Rust Activator with a spray bottle.  It needs to be nice and wet, but not runny, unless you want the piece to look like it sat out in the rain for decades, in which case, spray away!!  It will run and rust in that pattern.  Now, for me, this is the  hardest part:  WALK AWAY!  When you come back, it will be rusted.  I have found that if you spray a second coat, about 5 minutes into the drying process, it seems to rust more.  Modern Masters has a rust tutorial that might be helpful to you if you are interested in this process.  The paint is sold locally at Epic Paint on Jones Road. 

Now for the big reveal:

Doncha just luv it?  It will go SO GREAT at my sister's ranch!  I think it is beautimous!!!  Can't wait to show it to her.  (are you reading my blog Robin?)

So remember, it is a must to rust!  You too can  be a junk gypsy, without the road tour!!!

I hope you can think of some projects you want to start immediately!  Let me know what they are!

Have a great day!
Nee' Nee'

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