Thursday, August 4, 2011


We interrupt this blog to get you addicted to CRACK!  Okay, not really, but close!  Have you heard of Pinterest?  If you have, YOU KNOW!!  If you haven't...listen up.  This is the greatest thing since sliced bread!  My darling step-daughter introduced me and my niece, Meagan, to it.  Meagan checked it out and then tutored my other niece, Maycee, and myself on it!  BEWARE, becoming a member of Pinterest may cause you to be late to parties, to have long periods of blacked out time, and cause you to start several projects at once! 

I am notorious for tearing out magazine pages (hope my doctor is not reading this) in office waiting rooms.  I collect ideas and put them in sheet protectors in binders.  Pinterest is like a virtual binder or more accurately, bulletin board!  People have collected their ideas, and "pinned" them on their boards.  They in turn are able to share all of this inspiration with others.  You browse the website and "pin" up things you like onto your own bulletin board.  It is always there for you to refer back to, or update.  I have several boards, such as Craft Projects, Organization, and Luv Me Sum Halloween (to name a few).  As you can tell, you can customize your board names!  I have a big work project coming up in September, so I made a board called Sept. Project, and I have been pinning inspiring ideas to it.  You can also add a Pin It tab to your toolbar, so you can instantly pin ideas that you find while you are surfing the net.  This is such a neat way to save your great finds.  So many times I have lost my place while surfing for ideas, and couldn't find my way back to the website.  Pinterest eliminates that! 

So...when you have a few...check it out! 

Have a good day!
Nee' Nee'

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