Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cross Picture

My sister, Robin, recently purchased a ranch home, and is not used to decorating in the rustic ranch style decor.  We have been on a journey together to come up with some rustic decor.  She had two pictures that were really pretty, but they were not "ranchy" at all.  She had an idea that she wanted a big cross.  Together one morning while on vacation in Austin, we came up with a brain storm to paint over the old pictures.  We wanted a western flair, so we remembered a tooled leather chair that we had seen in a store while browsing.  She went to an upholstery store and bought some of that faux leather that looked hand tooled, I took it from there.  This is what the picture looked like before:

We decided we could paint right over the glass.  That's how we roll!  I first taped off the frame, then I base coated it with something called Set Coat by Faux Effects.  It is an excellent base coat that will stick to ANYTHING! 

Next, I plastered over this.  I used some plaster we had left over from a job, but you can by Venetian Gem by Faux Effects in any color you want.  It should be troweled on to create texture. 

I free handed a cross design out of wrapping paper to get the size right.  I then folded it in half to make it symmetrical.

Next I traced around the wrapping paper cross onto the faux tooled leather.  So the cross wouldn't slide around, I sprayed the back with spray adhesive before I started to trace it.

I cut the cross out and then applied it to the plastered glass with wallpaper glue.

I used Annie Sloan Dark Wax to rub over the plaster that gave the texture depth and made it look almost like turquoise.

After the faux leather cross was applied, I glued acrylic stones around the border to create a look of studs.  I took joint compound and used a stencil in the middle of the cross to make a raised medallion.  I painted over the stones and raised medallion with Metal Effects Iron paint.  After that, I brushed over the painted areas with Iron Activator to rust them.  This is the final product.

As you can see, nothing is off limits for a make over in this house!  I can't wait to see it in the ranch home!

Have a great Tuesday!
Nee' Nee'

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