Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Elegant Toilet Paper???

Yes!  Elegant toilet paper!  Have you ever been in a guest bathroom and gotten down to the last square of toilet paper?  The panic sets in and you try to open the cabinet desperately searching for another square to set you free?  Well, not that this has happened to me (hee hee) but I never want my guests to be in that situation....and I don't have a cabinet in my guest bathroom.....so....I had to come up with a way to avoid that problem.  Here it is, elegant toilet paper!  This is a picture of my powder bath so you will know what I am dealing with.

Okay, my sister hates pedastal sinks, but I love them. I think they look nice, but as you can see...there is no storage. I was at a friend's house once, and her decorator had tied ribbon around her toilet paper and displayed it, even though she had a ginourmous bathroom with cabinets. I decided right then and there to take that idea and make it my own! I used red, black and gold organza ribbon. You can find this at Michael's for next to nothing...as in 99 cents a spool. I tied the ends in a knot to make it look more finished.

Next, I tied the ribbon around plain toilet paper rolls in a regular ole bow with rabbit ears, just like you learned in kindergarten.

I also found some fancy toilet paper from a place called Print Appeal. It is kind of expensive, so I just mixed a few rolls in with the plain rolls. You can find out where they sell this by going to the Print Appeal website www.printappeal.com/location/.

So, here is the result...never worry about finding extra toilet paper in my guest bathroom!!! P.S. Have you heard of Poo-Pourri? It is a spray that masks ANY odor...in case someone has to go number two! I keep that on my sink to make sure I don't have any anxiety ridden guests!

What tips have you learned for the guest bathroom? Please share, but remember, I may make it my own! hee hee


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