Monday, July 18, 2011


Have you been missing a wonderfully creative opportunity to make use of the doors in your home?  Take a look around and I bet you will find a few that could be dolled up! 

This is my guest bathroom door.  I dry brushed a little gold in a harlequin pattern with the help of a stencil.  Then I tapped in upolstry nail head at the points for a little dimension.

The outside of that same door was feeling jealous, so I decided to paint it as well.  First I taped it off and put some raised bands for an industrial effect.  Then I painted over it in Warm Silver by Modern Masters.  This paint is AWESOME!  It is so thick and yummy.  They say that it is so durable that it could be used as exterior paint, but I don't think anyone would, because it is pricey!  A little goes a long way, so it is well worth the money!  You can check out their goods at I use the metallics on almost everything!  Locally, I purchase it at Epic Paint.  They are located on Jones Road in Houston, and Bo, Justin or John, are experts on paint and paint techniques.  You should definitly go by there if you get a chance, I guarantee you will be inspired!  You can check them out at

Here is the outside of the same door pictured above.

Take a closer look.  Yes, that is faux crocodile on the faux inlay!

This is not for beginners, but my mom, who blessed me with the ability to create, thought of a great idea.  She says she's not an artist, but I think she is pretty wonderful!  This is a perfect example of drawing inspiration from something and then making it your own.  After she saw my door, she took black tissue paper, cut it into diamond shapes, and glued it to her bedroom door.  Take a look:

Pretty snazzy, huh?  That's my wonderful mama, can you believe she is 71?  What an awesome chick!

I work with a FABULOUSLY creative man named David Lusk. You can see for yourself on his website  He actually took old doors and faux painted them to look rustic, then used them as a room divider in his studio. 

This is another door in process that painter Neff came up with recently on the doors to an entry of a fabulously faux painted bathroom:

As always, let your imagination run wild.  Some folks say less is more.  I am not one of those people!  Can there ever be too much faux paint in the world?  I don't think so! 

So look around and grab a brush!  Be sure to share any of your ideas...but remember, I might just decide to expound upon it and make it my own! 

Have a great day!
Nee' Nee'

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  1. Hi Nee Nee,

    You had a picture of a bedroom that had handmade wall paper on it that said things like love is patient love is kind, faithfulness, etc. how do I purchase that wall paper?

    In a dining room you had flower looking cross shaped objects on the wall with brown tones, how do I achieve that look? You can email me at thanks so much Chrisstan Betancourt!! :)