Monday, July 25, 2011

Cupolas and Weathervanes

My husband has family in New England, so we go to visit often.  This is JUST FINE with me, because I developed a love for that part of the country years ago when I was a flight attendant stationed in New York.  I am not a city girl, so I would escape to Martha's Vineyard or go to Boston and walk around Fanueil Hall  I felt an instant kinship, and this is where my obsession for Halloween and pumpkins was born.  Everyone in New England decorates for Fall!  (even people in New Jersey!) 

They put cornstalks, pumpkins and mums in their yard in early September.  The above is a typical New England porch in autumn.  To learn how to do this yourself, visit  When I came home to Texas, I started doing the same thing, although I had a very hard time finding cornstalks.  (I had to get me a corn farmer friend to save some from his joke!)   Sitting here now, in the summer heat of Texas, I can drift off in my mind to a cooler temperature with orange leaves dropping down from trees.  It is a very magical place, the birthplace of our country, and it is not uncommon to enter a building that was built in the 1700's.  My husband and I once took a break from a bike ride in Vermont and walked through a cemetery (creepy, huh?) We saw names like Ichabod and the grave stones were dated in the 1700 's and 1800's.  I recommend a visit if you can ever get up that way.

One of our favorite destinations in New England is Maine. When I was there last September, I became obsessed with what looked to me like tiny little rooms on top of the houses, usually topped by a weather vane. 

This picture came from

With the help of my wonderful niece and nephew, Shawn and Katy, I learned about these charming pieces of architecture called cupolas.  Originally they were used to emit light and air, or were used for a lookout.  Today they are not a necessity, unless you are me!  I have to have this on my house!  Upon our most recent visit to Wells Beach Maine, I happened upon the most wonderful little store called Weathervanes of Maine  They had tons!  They had faux cupolas that anyone can attach to their roof, shed, or garage.  Along with that, they had every kind of weather vane you could imagine.  I took lots of pictures!

When pigs fly!  I LOVE THIS!!

And my personal favorite, the little witch that could!

If a cupola isn't in your future for the top of your house, check out the bird houses!

I hope you can capture some of the magic that I felt from these pictures.  Is there another piece of architecture or accent for the home that you have fallen in love with?  Please share, I might not be able to live without it! 

Have a blessed day!

XOXXO (hug, kiss, hug, hug, kiss)
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  1. Love the flying pig!
    - Meagan

  2. Meagan, I love that one too! I believe they will also do custom work. A monogram or family crest would be really neat!