Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little Organization

Now, when I say a little...I mean very little.  I am not the organizer in the family, my sister, Rhonda is.  However, I am pretty proud of myself for coming up with this little number!  I took decorative hooks and placed them on my wall to hang necklaces and bracelets.

The upper hangers are actually two separate hooks that I nailed up side by side to hang my necklaces.  I hung two smaller one's several inches below for bracelets.  There is a three tiered basket for my fragrance collection...small at the top, medium bottles in the middle and large bottles at the bottom.  I got these glass containers at Target and I have my make up organized in them by lips, eyes and cheeks!

This is actually a wrought iron shower organizer I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I use the top sections for bottles, hairspray..etc.  I hang my blow dryer and brush on the bottom rungs. 

I have an over sized wine glass for earrings and a crystal bowl with acrylic stones in the bottom to hold make up brushes. 

The photography isn't that great in these pics...but I just took them spur of the moment because it is the beginning of the year when folks tend to want to get organized.  Thought it would be a good one to share!  Some days this looks better, some days it looks worse, but it helps me to keep things in order all year long!

Have a wonderful week!
Nee' Nee'

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