Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Painted Wine Glasses

A couple of years ago, I started painting  a new wine glass for each of my nieces and step-daughter, for special ocassions.  I picked a Libby glass from Bed Bath & Beyond so I would have the same glass size and shape year after year and in a few years they would have a nice litte collection of glasses! 

As you can see, I have used other shapes and sizes of glasses, and I have added crackle techniques, and texture.  As always, you can make it your own, but this is the basic run down.  You start with a clean glass.  To prep the glass, I wipe over it with alcohol.  This removes any oils that may have gotten on the glass from your hands.  There are two types of glass paint that I use.  One is by Folk Art and the other is by Delta.  The Folk Art paint can either be cured quickly in the oven, or will cure over time by air drying.  The Delta Perm-Enamel does not need to be baked.  I intermix the two paints quite a bit.  Delta has a top coat that evens out imperfections and gives the paint a smooth glossy finish, I use this on every glass I do. 

This is simply another one of those things where your imagination is the limit.  I have glued things onto my glasses with 2 part epoxy, and have had a great deal of success.  These are hand wash only, and won't stand up to too much abuse...but they are worth the delicate treatment. 

This is the 2011 collection!!  Cheers!


  1. SO CUTE! I am definitely going to try this! I have started my own collection of all different kinds of wine glasses so that when people are over or what not, they KNOW which glass is theirs and they don't get confused with which wine ornament they had! Just an idea I got from a friend from Bunco! Thanks for the ideas and the names of the paints you use!

  2. Lisha,

    You are so welcome. I love your idea of using the glasses to keep track of your guests! You know, sometimes my wine glass gets drunk and forgets where I put it!