Monday, January 16, 2012

Turquoise Finished Chair with Gator Texture

My sister, Rhonda, and I were browsing garage sales one Saturday in the summer, and it was very late.  So late, that they were all closing, and then we spotted this little left over in some one's front yard.  Well...I couldn't pass this little jewel up!  It looks pretty rough here...but I saw it's potential!

The chair was very sturdy, but was just in a severe need of some paint.  I am a big fan of the rustic look, and I wanted to experiment with turquoise.  Well...the price was I started the transition.  The chair had been upholstered layer upon layer, so I removed as many layers of the material that I could.

Next, I glued acrylic stones in areas that I felt would add depth and texture, and layered the base coat with a metallic gold.

I actually decided to just paint over the material with a primer and paint it with a texture by Proceed called Smooth Absorbent Texture.  I did this in an alligator texture.  This process has been featured on my blog I am very fond of this look!

Several layers of paint and texture she sits in all her glory!

I used the rusting technique on the raised acrylic stones to bring more of a rustic finish and make them look like nail heads.  I love taking trash and making it into a treasure!
I hope this inspires you!

Nee' Nee'


  1. Love this post! You have inspired me to browse some garage sales!! :)

  2. Oh that makes me so happy! My heart is full, Hannah.