Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Doe-cus Pocus

I just got back from a doe-lightful weekend in Pearsall, Texas.  There is a wonderful group of women that look forward to this all year long.  We have such fun times.  We shop, we take photos, we read, we have cocktails, we hunt, and we bond!  We have a fabulous woman that hosts it each year named Charlotte.  I tell you, she has a big heart, and she loves her girlfriends.  She has assembled this little family of folks and invites us all down to have the time of our lives each year.  I thought I would share some of our pictures.  I wish I could bottle the feeling I have for two weeks following this trip each year.  I am on top of the world after hanging out with these ladies.  They are so great to be around and give me a boost of confidence and energy that gets me through to the next year! 

"Brandilicious" received a longhorn necklace for a prize, but she is an look closely and notice, she sawed the horns off!  Too funny!
Our wonderful Carol, or Scarlet as we call her this weekend, is our resident socialite!

Ginny, in all of her glory.  She was a child music prodigy, head of the Houston Symphony and the first female Commodore of the Houston Yacht Club.  Her nickname is Commo - Doe.  Get it? 
Sweet Georgia with her loot!
Diane with her loot! This year was an animal theme...don't you just love the wrapping?  Donna who is one of the folks on the "entertainment committee" did a wonderful job wrapping all of the prizes!
Boots are a staple at Doe Weekend!
Just having a little fun in the cantina, honoring Terry, who was named one of this years Women of Distinction! 

Now it is back to life, back to reality!  (and catching up on my reality shows...I shamelessly watch ALL of The Real Housewives!)  This has really sparked my I'll be sure to share all of this Doe MOJO with you!

HAVE A GREAT DAY!  Reach out to a girlfriend!
Roxie de Lite (as I am known at Doe Camp!)

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