Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Five Love Languages

If you are married, getting married, ever gonna get married, living with someone, have kids, thinking about having kids...basically, if you walk, talk or breathe, this book is for you.  Let me tell you this book helped me to understand that something different makes each one of us tick.  If you can figure out what makes your mate or child tick...your life can be so much easier.  It is a resource book for living life and managing your relationships from a Christian's perspective.  I love me some Jesus....and he acquainted me with this book through my girlfriends.  I highly recommend this for anyone!  I wanted to feature it on the first day of February, so you will have time to read it before Valentine's Day!

The book talks about how we all have love languages.  We can show people that we love them through acts of kindness, or by expressing our love through words of affirmation.  Once you figure out what language speaks to your partner, your relationship will blossom.  Even if your in the honeymoon stages of your relationship...this book will just my opinion!

Happy Valentine's Month!
Nee' Nee'

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