Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I don't have any neat crafts or projects to show you, but I will show you my heart! I spent last night helping my dear friend, Vanessa, get her boys ready for their school Valentine's party. I brought her boys a little craft project so first they painted their little pirate magnets. Next we stuffed and tied up their treat bags that they were going to pass out at their party. We made a counting game out of that! As I tied them I had Evan and Emery count them and keep "inventory". SO CUTE AND FUN! My friend Vanessa is a fabulous cook, so she whipped up a fabulous Greek salad along with lobster bisque! SUPER YUMMY! Right before we sat down to eat it, I looked down and little Emery, who will soon be four, had gotten his little pirate Valentine cards and arranged them on the floor. I guess he was admiring them! I am telling you, that was one of the sweetest evenings I have had in a long time. Cheers to my favorite little Valentines, Evan and Emery! I hope your heart is as full as mine is today.

LOVE YOU....mean it!
Née Née

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